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Chicagoans love their sausage. So does the König. In fact, I love sausages so much I started making my own a few years ago. After years of hearing friends and family say ‘you should be selling these’ I’m doing just that. You now have your very own personal sausage maker who delivers.

My goal is to give you amazingly flavorful sausages. Period. Ones like you’ve never tasted before. Fresh pork, chicken, boar, or duck seasoned with lots of herbs, spices, and some salt. That’s it. Over the years I’ve come up with some tasty sausage recipes, ones which are great with pastas, soups, beans, or the old fashioned way....just grilled.

All of my sausages are handmade and available for ordering with local delivery here in Chicago. Each variety comes in one pound packages containing 4 links each. If you're having a large party and need a special order, just ask. I can make as much as you want to order and eat. Check out the list of our in-stock sausages and make sure to register as a Sausage Supporter in order to get an exclusive email about our monthly specials.

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2018 Sausage CSA!

You’ve heard of a CSA farm share right? That’s what this is, but in sausage form! Not just any sausages, handmade craft sausages full of flavor which you get to pick.

You'll also receive a special sausage creation EXCLUSIVE to CSA members: Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, and Venison. 


When: May-Sept, once a month, starting the week before Memorial Day weekend.

What: 2 varieties chosen by you on the Sausage CSA form (green button below) plus monthly special

Where: Confirmed pick-up locations:

Savory Spice in Lincoln Square

Bitter Pops in Lakeview

Bottles & Cans in North Center

Beermiscuous in Lincoln Park/Lakeview

Andersonville Farmers Market in Andersonville (Wed)

Edgebrook Farmers Market in Edgebrook (Sat)

Skokie Farmers Market (Sun)

Cost: $110

How: Click the button and make your picks. I'll send you an invoice with link for payment.


Email Peter at 


Upcoming Events

Want to try some of our sausages? Catch us at one of these upcoming events where we'll be serving and selling our wurst!

April 29, 2018 - Jefferson Park Sunday Market -Winter Market! Copernicus Center, 5216 W Lawrence Ave Chicago 60630

May 5, 2018 - Cinco de Mayo, 2018 Sausage CSA Sign-Up! Bitter Pops 3345 N Lincoln

May - Andersonville Farmers Market begins (Wednesdays)

June - Skokie Farmers Market begins (Sundays)

July - Edgebrook Farmers Market begins (Saturdays)

More events coming soon!

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      We'll be in the Jefferson Park Sunday     Market at the Copernicus Center on    December 17, January 28, and April 29  

    We'll be in the Jefferson Park Sunday
    Market at the Copernicus Center on
   December 17, January 28, and April 29  


Simple! Did you see the 'Order Sausages Here' button above the menu? Go ahead, scroll back up and look. Click on it, enter in the amounts you want for each sausage and click 'Send Me The Invoice.' In a short while you'll get an email with your grand total and a link where you can pay online. Once paid we'll schedule delivery.

Need a large order for a big party? Contact me directly at the email below.

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Best way is by email. Send questions, comments, and queries to Peter at

Preparing your Sausage König Sausages

Ok, so you know you can grill sausages, simmer them in water like a hot dog, saute in a pan, or even bake them in the oven. But what else? There are many things you can add sausages to which, let's be honest here, make the dishes that much better. Here are some classic combinations we enjoy!

 Smokey the Brat and White Beans

Smokey the Brat and White Beans

With Beans

In just about every culture you'll find some sort of sausage and beans dish. Our smoked black pepper sausage is the perfect addition to stewed white beans, just like the Catalan botifara amb mongetes

 Cabbage, Potato, Garlic Thyme Sausage Soup

Cabbage, Potato, Garlic Thyme Sausage Soup

In Soups

When the cold weather hits you need soup. The Garlic-Thyme sausage makes a great addition to any soup or stew. Want heat? Just use some Spicy Spanish or Cajun Brats.

 Escarole with Duck Sausage

Escarole with Duck Sausage

With Vegetables

Transform a veggie side dish into a delicious main course but adding some sausage to greens and other veggies. And sausage and peppers never tasted better when you use the Italiano and/or Spicy Spanish.